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I work for Google on the Developer Relations team. When I’m not busy cooking up demos, sample code, or helping partners launch on App Engine, I give tech talks at meetups and conferences. I’m always happy to consider an opportunity to speak, though I can’t always promise I’ll say yes. Besides App Engine, I also dabble in Android development, am trying to learn Go (golang.org), will eventually go back to try to learning Scala and Clojure, and I like to give talks about various open source tools such as Python, TornadoWeb and MongoDB.

If you want to see more frequent tech chatter, follow me on Twitter. I’m glad we have circles support, since I put everyone who would understand and care about tech chatter in a “Developers” circle to avoid inundating everyone else.

I watch NFL football and NBA basketball. I’m a big 49ers and Golden State Warriors fan. Sad but true: I dislike baseball. The Giants may have won a World Championship, but they haven’t won a single game of Ikai Caring.

I like board and card games (Settlers of Catan, Bang!, Dominion, MtG). I like dogs.

Google profile: Ikai Lan

Written by Ikai Lan

December 27, 2008 at 9:59 am

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